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Reliable translation and interpretation services.

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One of the keys to our success is that we have translators from various professional fields. This allows us to provide specialized context-based translations in subjects like medicine, finance, nonprofits, and commerce, and not just word-by-word literalism.


Freelance Translations
Sworn Translations


Through meticulous editing, we ensure that your documents are well understood and error-free.



Our team of professional interpreters possess unique language skills and extensive knowledge in both languages. In addition, our interpreters convey the emotions of the messege, enhancing understading and overall experience.  

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

This service allows communication between two people who speak different languages and who are distant from each other, with the support of a live interpreter who participates through a conference call using Zoom. This service is useful for staying in touch with partners, making purchases and sales abroad, document discussion, immigration procedures, supplier and client search, and others.

Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

This service is useful for multilingual on-site events like international conferences and shareholder meetings. In this service, a team of interpreters immediately translates the speaker's messege with the support of specialized equipment.

Consecutive Interpretation

In this type of interpretation the speaker and the interpreter alternate their speech in segments. Our consecutive interpreters are adept in public speaking, and have a great degree of understanding of the source language and fluency in the target language. This type of interpreting is usually employed in introductory and concluding special events.

Rental and Sale of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

We have the highest quality equipment on the market that can be used in conference settings, private meetings and field visits.
All our equipment respects the standards and recommendations for communication equipment according to the FCC * and ISO.

* Federal Communications Commission.


What our customers are saying about us 

I have been working with ENES Translations throughout the past two years.  I worked with them in person and virtually throughout the COVID-19 lockdown in various environments as the core facilitator and meeting leader.  They are the best interpretation company out there.  They are values and culturally aligned with Spanish speaking communities internationally as well as within the United States.  They are rigorous, honest, loving, kind, brilliant and highly caring of the experience of all involved in the process of interpretation.  They are highly professional.  It is a privilege to work with them and to know them as people.  I recommend ENES Translations to anyone wanting to build truly just multilingual spaces and to ensure the inclusion of Spanish speaking communities in a meaningful, kind, respectful and loving way.  I turn to them as my company of choice for the creation of bilingual meetings, conferences, circles, trainings, and specialized programming offered by Moon Jaguar Strategies.” 



Sayra Pinto

Chief Practitioner

Moon Jaguar Strategies


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